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Water Soluble CBD - Natural THC Free

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Water Soluble CBD - Natural THC Free.

The only scientifically based product line specially formulated with true water soluble CBD complex. Unlike the competition, there is NO nano complex, which only disperses small clusters (nano-size) of CBD molecules in an otherwise insoluble mixture. The other disadvantage to nano CBD products is that eventually it will separate, like oil and water; resulting in no improvement for increasing bioavailability.

The entire line of Bioreigns products are made with 100% water soluble CBD complex and ZERO THC proven by independent third party lab studies. Check out the Certificate of Assurance.

What is CBD?

Water Soluble CBD vs CBD Oil vs Nano nonsense CBD

Backed by Science!

Water Soluble CBD vs CBD Oil vs Nano nonsense CBD - Backed by Science!

Independent Neurology results evaluated Water soluble CBD vs nano CBD Oil and there was no comparison to how effective Bioreigns Water Soluble CBD products displayed immediate bioavailability and unparalleled results.

Bioreigns results explained by a Neurologist who performed an EEG study which indicated that the water soluble CBD Curcumin complex had significant brain stimulus within 5 minutes yet the patients who took the nano CBD showed no stimulus whatsoever after 5 minutes.

We LUV Gua Sha!

Chinese Traditional techniques have used Gua Sha tools to improve pain by increasing the flow of blood, lymph, relieve tension and stress. Using these special tools, you can perform acupressure trigger point to reduce inflammation.

Here are our favs!

100% Natural Rose Quartz tools comes in different shapes and when used to glide with the Bioreigns Relief products, it is the absolute holy grail for natural pain relief...LUVLIFT hint - keep your Rose Quartz Gua Sha tools in the freezer!


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