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Melaleuca for Wellness

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

What is Melaleuca Wellness?

It's like a virtual Costco Membership except better! Melaleuca has almost 500 products and counting with a history and reputation of high quality proprietary formulated products. Everything from Nutritional Supplements, Health and Beauty, Household cleaning, Laundry detergent, Pet products, and my favorite...the Retail Partner discount (club price percentage rewards for shopping major retailers like Nordstrom, Macys, Lowes, etc).

Melaleuca Membership is $1 to start and $19.99/annually thereafter.

Melaleuca was one of the first companies to advance the science of plant-derived ingredients.

Melaleuca is making safer, more effective, eco-friendly and affordable products people love.

We LUV their Smarter Choice Philosophy to ensure that their products are

1. SAFE: It cannot risk damaging our health in any way.

2. EFFECTIVE: It’s got to do the job extremely well.

3. ECO-FRIENDLY: It’s concentrated to reduce waste, safe for the environment, and uses biodegradable ingredients.

4. AFFORDABLE: It has to be a good value.

LUVLIFT Must Haves

Nutritional Supplements:

GC Control Shake - Clinical study proven for glucose control and weight loss!



Personal Care:

Renew® Intensive Skin Therapy - Clinically proven to improve chronic dry skin and eczema

Ready to Order?

Contact for more information!

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